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Minnesota Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

We offer directors and officers liability insurance to public companies, private companies, nonprofit organizations, partnerships, and joint ventures located in Minnesota. Directors and officers insurance is a form of management liability insurance which is designed to provide coverage to directors and officers of an entity, as well as the entity itself, against claims and lawsuits for wrongful acts committed in their capacity as directors or officers of the entity.

While there is no standard D&O insurance policy, insurance companies usually provide the following coverages in Minnesota:
D&O insurance policies in Minnesota can usually be tailored to include only a certain coverage, such as Coverage A, or to cover only certain directors.

Any organization in Minnesota can be the subject of a D&O lawsuit. While directors and officers of public companies represent a large share of D&O lawsuits, directors and officers of private companies and not-for-profit entities in Minnesota face increasing risks of D&O lawsuits. In addition to shareholders, D&O lawsuits are also frequently brought by customers, employees, competitors and regulators.

What are some common exclusions in D&O insurance policies in Minnesota?

Minnesota directors and officers insurance policies contain multiple exclusions. Examples of policy exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following:
The specific exclusions should be carefully reviewed by Minnesota applicants before purchasing any D&O policy.

How are D&O insurance premiums determined in Minnesota?

Insurance companies in Minnesota each have their specific and mostly unique rating plan which is used to calculate D&O insurance premiums. The basic factors of a D&O insurance rating plan are typically the entity's assets and the selected limit of liability and deductible. There are multiple other factors which can impact the D&O premium calculation, including the Minnesota entity's specific industry, experience of management, claim history, and the number of years in business.

The D&O premium of Minnesota for-profit entities can also be impacted by recent or prospective mergers & acquisitions, profitability, market capitalization, and quality of balance sheet.

Because D&O premiums can vary widely by insurance company, we usually request quotes from multiple insurance companies.